Green Initiative

Penn Automotive strives to be green in its current and future endeavors. When upgrading various building physical systems we take great consideration into their environmental impact. The benefits we provide to the environment and the long-term cost savings we receive make this an easy decision. Just a few of the green initiatives we implement are listed below.

Green Painting


  • We were one of the first facilites to utilize water-based paint on the vehicles we repair.
  • This reduces the production of volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • Improves air quality
  • Promotes health and safety of employees
  • Achieves performance and quality

 Recycling Efforts


  • Cardboard from the parts we recieve
  • Old metal parts from vehicle repair
  • Oil to be reused during the winter months
  • Tires recycled for a variety of application

 High Efficiency 


  • All new florescent lighting
  • Multi-zone and source climate control
  • Double-pane window garage doors